FAQ’s about the Anywhere System

What is the Connect2Car Anywhere System?

The Connect2Car Anywhere System is a series of products that allow you to interact with your vehicle from Anywhere. You can track a vehicle’s location, start it, stop it, lock/unlock the doors, disable use of the car, monitor the alarm/security system of the car, and much more. Connect2Car’s Anywhere system works with all types of mobile phones, tablet devices or computers to allow you to always be in touch with your asset. A vehicle is usually the most expensive asset next to a home so Connect2Car enables you to keep this asset at your fingertips using wireless technology. Think of it as a wireless leash to your car. Connect2Car has a choice of units tailored to your convenience.
  • The Anywhere G1 (for remote security, tracking and remote vehicle disable)
  • The Anywhere G2 (remote security, tracking, vehicle disable and full Control features)

How does the technology work?

The Connect2Car Anywhere uses cellular network technology for communication between you the car owner, and your car. The same way you can call anyone on a phone and it doesn’t matter where they are. The Connect2Car unit installed in your car makes your car reachable anywhere, anytime, and that’s why it has unlimited range. Connect2Car uses satellite technology for GPS tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle. Connect2Car communicates with your car via text messaging when using Connect2Car Text Control or via the mobile internet data when using the Connect2Car Anywhere apps. Connect2Car is also controllable from any internet enabled computer.
GPS Tracking
All the Connect2Car Anywhere systems have GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking which uses satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of your asset for tracking purposes. The Anywhere GPS technology is highly sensitive and can track the vehicles location even in most indoor locations such as a car garage. The Anywhere GPS tracking also uses cell tower assist technology to also give you accurate location tracking even when GPS is totally unavailable e.g in an underground parking garage.

What happens if my vehicle battery is disconnected?

During a vehicle theft attempt, most car security systems are simply disabled by disconnecting the car battery. No worries, the Anywhere G2 system has an internal battery that provides up to 48hrs backup capability. If the vehicle battery is disconnected in a vehicle theft attempt, the unit will automatically switch to its internal backup battery for power supply. This allows you to keep monitoring your alerts, and also to keep the GPS tracking alive to pinpoint vehicle location for recovery.

Must I have a Smart Phone to use Connect2Car?

No, if you don’t have a smart phone, no problem. You can use the Text Control to control or track your vehicle via text messaging. Once your number has been authorized on your Connect2Car account (up to 5 numbers), you simply text what function you want, and you get a response to every command you send via text. With Connect2Car Text Control you also get the street address detail in the text response from your car. If you have a smartphone, you can use any of the Connect2Car mobile apps to control your car as well as Text Control if needed. Note that all Connect2Car users can also track and control from their online account from any computer or internet browser

Where can I get the Connect2Car Anywhere system?

You can get the Connect2Car Anywhere System online. Installation is done by Connect2Car professional installers in your area.

How do I get the Anywhere unit installed in my car?

Installation is done by professional Connect2Car installers nationwide. Installation usually takes about 30mins – 1 hour for the Anywhere G1, and 2-4 hours for the Anywhere G2 unit. Visit the Connect2Car installer locator page to schedule an installation for your vehicle.

Does the Connect2Car Anywhere system work out of the USA/ In my country?

Yes the Connect2Car Anywhere system works in all countries with GSM phone service. You will have to use the International option for the Connect2Car service.

Do I need internet on my phone to use Connect2Car Anywhere?

No, if you don’t have internet on your phone or if you don’t have a smart phone, no problem, you can use the Text Control to control or track your vehicle via text messaging. Once your number has been authorized on your Connect2Car account (up to 5 numbers), you simply text what function you want, and you get a response to every command you send via text. With Connect2Car Text Control you also get the street address detail in the text response from your car. For Smartphone users, all the Connect2Car mobile apps also work in text messaging mode, so even if you don’t have an internet plan on your phone the app can also use text messaging to control your car.

Does Connect2Car Anywhere system work for my car?

The Connect2Car Anywhere system works for all cars. It really does.

Can I control more than one vehicle?

Yes, you can have multiple vehicles controlled from one phone. E.g Multi car families can control more than one vehicle in the family, as long as the vehicle is equipped with a Connect2Car Anywhere system. Business owners can manage a fleet of vehicles from one phone or online account.

Can the Anywhere G2 be added to an existing remote start system (e.g. remote start, alarm)?

Yes, if you have already installed a remote starter in your car, you can use the Anywhere system to Control the remote starter. The Anywhere system is fully compatible with any remote start system that has a remote start trigger input. Please contact your installer for technical details to see if your remote starter has this feature.

Can the Anywhere G2 be added to an existing alarm system?

Yes, the Anywhere system will work with any car alarm or an already existing alarm system in the car. The Anywhere System will remotely Alert you on the phone and email whenever the alarm siren goes off. You can also set a delay for how long you want the Siren to go off, before an alert is sent out to you. (this is useful if you want to ignore false alarms, e.g short alarms that go off frequently).

if I remote start the car, can a thief break in and drive away?

The remote starter has a standard security feature whereby the car will turn off if someone presses the break or puts the car into drive gear without putting the key into the ignition.  Furthermore, if the thief breaks in, your door alarm will go off, and your Anywhere system will also notify you of alarm via phone text and email alerts.

What is the difference between Anywhere G1 and Anywhere G2?

Please see our product comparison guide for a difference between the two products.

Will it roll my windows up/down?

The Anywhere unit can control your window up and down functions if your car has a built in factory window roll up/down feature incorporated with the door locks (note this has nothing to do with if you have power windows or not). Please ask your Connect2car installer about your vehicle’s compatibility. For vehicles that are not compatible, an aftermarket window roll up/down module will have to be installed into the vehicle for this feature to work. See your Connect2Car installer for more details on enabling this feature during installation.

How does the bump alert feature work?

This uses the internal sensors of the Anywhere to detect a sudden/sharp bump in your vehicle when its parked, such as impact from another car into your car.

What happens if you loose your cell phone.

  • First to disable control from that phone, you can disable/delete the phone number for that phone from your Anywhere online portal, using any internet enabled computer or device.
  • Next, you can add a new phone number to the list of authorized phones on your account, or change the password for the authorized phone number.
  • You can also control all your Connect2Car feature from your Anywhere online portal

What if I change my cell phone number?

Sure if you change your cell phone number, all you need to do is log into your Connect2Car online account, and update your car’s authorized numbers for the Text Control access to the car. If you are using any of the Connect2Car software apps on your phone, you will not need to change anything as long as you have the correct log in for your account entered into the settings of the Software.

Do I have to put my key in the ignition to drive the car after remote starting it from my cell phone?

Yes, even after the car remote starts, you will need to put the key to drive the car off (and also to unlock the ignition lock on the steering column, as well as to put the gear into drive for an automatic transmission car). If your car has a push to start button, you will still need to have the car key in range of the vehicle before you can drive off from a cell phone remote start. Additionally,  if an intruder gets into the car while it is remote started, you will get a door alert for the intruder breaking into the car. When the intruder tries to engage the gear into drive or step on the brake pedal while the car is running, the car will instantly shut down for security protection.