Start/Stop your car from Anywhere

Warm your car up in cold weather or get it cooled in the hot summer, range doesn't matter anymore, its unlimited. Your cell phone is right in your pockets, so is your car control

Lock or Unlock your doors

Forgot to lock the doors? Need to let someone in? or forgot your keys, no problem, where ever you are, you can control your doors from your phone

Real time GPS location tracking

Forgot where you parked your car? Looking to find the current location of the vehicle? The GPS location tracking gives you detailed street and map data of the current vehicle Location.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

Yes you can! Remotely shutdown the vehicle, in the event your vehicle is stolen, use your cell phone and shutdown the vehicle after you have determined its location using the GPS

Built in Backup Battery guarantees security

Easiest trick in the book is to disable the car battery to disable the security. Anywhere G2 will keep running even when car battery power is cut out

Towing Alert

Get instant alerts sent to your phone if your car moves from where it was last parked without your knowledge.

Bump Alert

Do you park in the city? Anywhere G2 will notify you when someone bumps your car

Web Control

Also control from any internet browser on a computer device or a mobile phone.


Low Battery Alerts

Parked away for a long trip? Low battery alerts remind you to start your vehicle and recharge the battery when its running low, so that you don't get an emergency you're back

Compatible with all vehicles

Works for all cars, trucks, boats, you name it.
Also compatible with existing factory alarm systems or aftermarket alarm systems

Control Multiple Cars

Weather its two cars or a fleet of cars, Anywhere System helps you mange all your vehicles remotely from one control phone or computer

Compatible with all phones

Warm your car up in cold weather or get it cooled in the hot summer, range doesn't matter anymore, its unlimited. Your cell phone is right in your pockets, so is your car control

Overspeed monitoring and Alerts

Want to enforce speed limits on a driver? Set your speed limits, and your Anywhere unit will Alert you when vehicle goes over the speed limit with full reports of dates and locations of overspeed.

6 months of activity History

View up to six months of your vehicles activity history showing locations, dates and times for every lock/unlock, start/stop, speed violations, alarm alerts, e.t.c

Mileage tracking

No need to read vehicle mileage for trips and deductions? Anywhere unit gives you remote collection of vehicle mileage history, with up to 6 months of history data storage

Alarm system Alternative

Looking for an alarm System? With the remote monitoring capability, the Anywhere system is the perfect solution for you. You are guaranteed to hear the alarm trigger via alerts on your phone

Virtual security fence (Geo Fence) with Alerts.

Define a virtual fence around any location and the fence will alert you when the vehicle moves in or out of the fenced area. Can be used to automatically check in/check out a vehicle at a location.

Range Extension to Existing Alarm System

Add on the Anywhere unit to extend the range of any existing factory or aftermarket Alarm to UNLIMITED!

Unlimited Range Addition to Existing Remote Starter

Add on the Anywhere unit to an already installed Remote Starter to extend the REMOTE START RANGE to UNLIMITED! See remote starter compatibility in the Anywhere installation manual.

Panic Button

Once pressed, Panic Button sends your vehicle GPS location and opens a live voice connection with our emergency center to determine the nature of your emergency be it a kidnapping or roadside assistance and request help to be sent to your exact location.

Emergency Road Side Assistance

If you need a tow, tire change or fuel, one push of your SOS Assist button immediately connects you to an Advisor who can help direct a service provider to your exact location.

Unlimited Range

Unlike a keyfob's limited range, using the Anywhere system, your car can be *started, stopped, tracked, monitored from anywhere with your phone or any web browser

Works in All Countries

The Anywhere system works on worldwide GSM technology and is compatible with all GSM networks in all countries.

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