What is the Connect2Car Anywhere System?

The Connect2Car Anywhere System is a series of products that allow you to interact with your vehicle from Anywhere. You can track a vehicle’s location, start it, stop it, lock/unlock the doors, disable use of the car, monitor the alarm/security system of the car, and much more. Connect2Car’s Anywhere system works with all types of mobile phones, tablet devices or computers to allow you to always be in touch with your asset. A vehicle is usually the most expensive asset next to a home so Connect2Car enables you to keep this asset at your fingertips using wireless technology. Think of it as a wireless leash to your car. Connect2Car has a choice of units tailored to your convenience.
  • The Anywhere G1 (for remote security, tracking and remote vehicle disable)
  • The Anywhere G2 (remote security, tracking, vehicle disable and full Control features)

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