Anywhere G2


Real time GPS location tracking
Forgot where you parked your car? Looking to find the current location of the vehicle? The GPS location tracking gives you detailed street and map data of the current vehicle Location.
Remote Vehicle Shutdown
Yes you can! Remotely shutdown the vehicle, in the event your vehicle is stolen, use your cell phone and shutdown the vehicle after you have determined its location using the GPS
Compatible with all vehicles
Works for all cars, trucks, boats, you name it.
Also compatible with existing factory alarm systems or aftermarket alarm systems
Unlimited Range
Unlike a keyfob's limited range, using the Anywhere system, your car can be *started, stopped, tracked, monitored from anywhere with your phone or any web browser
Lock or Unlock your doors
Forgot to lock the doors? Need to let someone in? or forgot your keys, no problem, where ever you are, you can control your doors from your phone
Roll those windows up/down
Yes you can, roll up those windows on a rainy day, or roll them down when you really want the car to vent out on a hot summer day
Compatible with all phones
Warm your car up in cold weather or get it cooled in the hot summer, range doesn't matter anymore, its unlimited. Your cell phone is right in your pockets, so is your car control
And much more!!
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