How does the technology work?

The Connect2Car Anywhere uses cellular network technology for communication between you the car owner, and your car. The same way you can call anyone on a phone and it doesn’t matter where they are. The Connect2Car unit installed in your car makes your car reachable anywhere, anytime, and that’s why it has unlimited range. Connect2Car uses satellite technology for GPS tracking to pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle. Connect2Car communicates with your car via text messaging when using Connect2Car Text Control or via the mobile internet data when using the Connect2Car Anywhere apps. Connect2Car is also controllable from any internet enabled computer.
GPS Tracking
All the Connect2Car Anywhere systems have GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking which uses satellite technology to pinpoint the exact location of your asset for tracking purposes. The Anywhere GPS technology is highly sensitive and can track the vehicles location even in most indoor locations such as a car garage. The Anywhere GPS tracking also uses cell tower assist technology to also give you accurate location tracking even when GPS is totally unavailable e.g in an underground parking garage.

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