FAQs for MFC

What is SoftDash?

SoftDash is our Software Dashboard product. It provides you with all the capabilities of your dashboard plus a whole lot more.

What is the MFC?

The MFC is our multi-functional controller, it works hand in hand with SoftDash providing you with unlimited possibilities such as engine on/off, door lock/unlock, alarm on/off and the list is endless. To use SoftDash you need a compatible device and the MFC

How do I know if my device is compatible?

For a list of Softdash compatible devices click here or check your device for MIDP 2.0 with JSR-82 Support (Bluetooth wireless technology API)

What else do I need apart from the MFC?

To use the window roll down/up feature you would need an additional window roll down module. The MFC talks to the window roll down module and tells it when to roll up/down the window.

An alarm system with a negative trigger would be necessary if the MFC is used to control an Alarm System with or without auto-start.Or just upgrade to the MFC V3 package that comes with a complete alarm system with autostart.

Another one is the ignition bypass unit for cars with chipped/encrypted keys. It just sends a tricked signal to the car’s computer so that it can start the engine. This applies to any general remote starter that is installed in any car with a chipped key (mostly with newer cars). Otherwise the MFC is all you need.

Can my device tell me when my car has performed the action I sent to it? Meaning, can I get feedback from my car to my device?

Bluetooth wireless technology communication with the MFC is two way. The MFC will not do anything if it does not see (can not communicate/reach) the controller device, also the controller device will not acknowledge an action response made by the user, unless it gets a reply from the MFC (except if user is running software in simulation mode). So that way neither party (device or MFC), will not proceed with a user action request if there is a break in communication.

How can I get this device installed in my car?

Installation of the MFC is straight forward if you know how to install car alarms/electronics. Any standard alarm/electronics installer can install the MFC system. The unit also comes with a complete step by step installation manual for both software (on the controller device) and hardware (in any vehicle). At the moment we also have affiliated installer locations for convenience in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Areas, and we continue to expand our reach. If you are an installer, and want to carry the MFC system, or provide installation support, please contact us and we will be glad to add you to installer contact/vendor database. If your local dealer does not carry the MFC, we will gladly assist your local shop on becoming a Dealer.

What is the range of Bluetooth wireless technology?

The MFC 2-way communication tested in an outdoor parking lot produced 55ft of connectivity range and 150ft of communication range after connectivity. Connectivity is the initial process where the 2 devices (car and phone/PDA) search and initiate connection. Once connection is initiated, it received up to 150ft of communication on the class 2 device. This range will be smaller indoors.

Software Configurations. How do I configure it to my own car settings?

In regards to the software setup. The MFC is the device installed into the vehicle. After the installer connects the MFC to the vehicle, the next step is to install the software configurations for those devices, e.g.output1=door lock action, output2= window roll down, e.g. a software button might control multiple outputs, e.g. with the case of engine start, you need about 3 outputs, 1 for the ignition, 2 for Key accessory 1 (radio etc), and 2 (heater controls, distributor etc). So you can configure the button to activate them all in a sequence. Start acc1, wait a sec, start acc2, wait 1 sec, then crank ignition till engine starts, where the engine start is monitored from the tachometer, and timed also. If the tachometer displays a red signal on your device from the engine, then the engine started, if not it keeps trying for the duration of the timeout e.g. 4 seconds. All this can be configured in one button action recipe.

Also you can download already made standard configurations from the site (on software/devices page), and you can also share your cool made configurations with other users by just sending them the recipe file. They would just have to change the outputs in the recipe, to match their own hardware connections. (E.g. the ignition is connected on output 3 in your car but in your friendÕs car, it was connected on output 5 of his own MFC).

Please read the manual for more information regarding the MFC and SoftDash. You can get a copy of the PDF manual here

Are there any software securities? Can someone hack my car system with another device?

No, the wireless communication with the MFC over Bluetooth wireless technology is done over an authenticated and secure encrypted connection. I.e. first you need a password to connect to your car and then data sent over that connection is encrypted.

Other devices can only see (not connected yet) your MFC based on your own settings. 1. Discoverable/Connectable

(Can be discovered and be connected to, where the connection will only be possible based on your connection settings.

2 Not Discoverable/Connectable

(Can not be generally discovered by other devices, but can be connected to by devices that know the address of your MFC e.g. your own cell phone, and connection will only be possible if the outside device passes your connection rules.

3. Not Discoverable/Not Connectable (i.e. technically a one way street here, you cannot do anything to the MFC, however, the MFC can connect to you. i.e. your car searches for your device, and can connect to you, but you can’t connect to your car. This mode is not so convenient sometimes/cases.)

For any connection to your MFC, you can select one of the following options:

Authentication/encryption: (default) Authentication Requires password. You can pair with a specific device, e.g. your own cell phone, and that device will be on your trusted device list.

Authentication/no encryption: No authentication password to connect/no encryption: (i.e. you can turn it off if you want).

Can this be installed in any car?

Yes. You can install this product in any car. Any alarm installer can install this product, and it also comes with a picture and page by page installation manual.

Is it possible to have my system controlled by two different devices via Bluetooth wireless technology? E.g. my computer and Symbian phone.

You can only control the system by one Bluetooth wireless technology device at any given time (the device also has to pass authentication before connection is allowed). Using Bluetooth wireless technology, either the computer or phone can be connected. Both of them cannot be connected at the same time, except if you also have a serial cable connection for one and Bluetooth wireless technology for the other. For example, outside the car–> Bluetooth wireless technology device, inside the car –> Serial connection (perhaps car PC). If the serial port becomes active, the Bluetooth wireless technology connection is disabled.

Can I put a picture of my car in the software?

Yes. You can customize your own skins in the software, change the sounds and rename or remap buttons e.g.

Can I read my tachometer with my Mobile phone?

Yes. You will be able to do that and also customize the effects that you want to happen when you hit your shift point and redline settings. You can also customize actions to happen when you hit a certain RPM, e.g. if I hit 5900 rpm, flash my neon underbody kits, or if I hit 6000 rpm, activate the NOS valve.

What kind of things I can control in my car with this product?

You can control most electronic accessories of the vehicle such as, power windows, door locks, lights, engine start, alarm system, strobes, door poppers, actuators, air-ride suspension and hydraulics are just a few examples.

So can I control my stereo with my Mobile phone or PC Device?

You can only turn on and off the stereo with the MFC, to change controls such as volume, and change stations etc, you should get a nice universal remote control software that uses the infrared port on your handheld/device. Do a search for universal remote on www.pocketgear.com or www.palmgear.com. www.handago.com is another good place

Can I drive the car with my Mobile Device?

No, that would extremely dangerous.

Does the vehicle need to be ON to be able to control the featured functions?

No, the vehicle does not have to be on to control the featured functions, if you have the MFC-V2 which is equipped with a Class 2 Bluetooth wireless technology antenna.