Software Configurations. How do I configure it to my own car settings?

In regards to the software setup. The MFC is the device installed into the vehicle. After the installer connects the MFC to the vehicle, the next step is to install the software configurations for those devices, e.g.output1=door lock action, output2= window roll down, e.g. a software button might control multiple outputs, e.g. with the case of engine start, you need about 3 outputs, 1 for the ignition, 2 for Key accessory 1 (radio etc), and 2 (heater controls, distributor etc). So you can configure the button to activate them all in a sequence. Start acc1, wait a sec, start acc2, wait 1 sec, then crank ignition till engine starts, where the engine start is monitored from the tachometer, and timed also. If the tachometer displays a red signal on your device from the engine, then the engine started, if not it keeps trying for the duration of the timeout e.g. 4 seconds. All this can be configured in one button action recipe.

Also you can download already made standard configurations from the site (on software/devices page), and you can also share your cool made configurations with other users by just sending them the recipe file. They would just have to change the outputs in the recipe, to match their own hardware connections. (E.g. the ignition is connected on output 3 in your car but in your friendÕs car, it was connected on output 5 of his own MFC).

Please read the manual for more information regarding the MFC and SoftDash. You can get a copy of the PDF manual here

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