Are there any software securities? Can someone hack my car system with another device?

No, the wireless communication with the MFC over Bluetooth wireless technology is done over an authenticated and secure encrypted connection. I.e. first you need a password to connect to your car and then data sent over that connection is encrypted.

Other devices can only see (not connected yet) your MFC based on your own settings. 1. Discoverable/Connectable

(Can be discovered and be connected to, where the connection will only be possible based on your connection settings.

2 Not Discoverable/Connectable

(Can not be generally discovered by other devices, but can be connected to by devices that know the address of your MFC e.g. your own cell phone, and connection will only be possible if the outside device passes your connection rules.

3. Not Discoverable/Not Connectable (i.e. technically a one way street here, you cannot do anything to the MFC, however, the MFC can connect to you. i.e. your car searches for your device, and can connect to you, but you can’t connect to your car. This mode is not so convenient sometimes/cases.)

For any connection to your MFC, you can select one of the following options:

Authentication/encryption: (default) Authentication Requires password. You can pair with a specific device, e.g. your own cell phone, and that device will be on your trusted device list.

Authentication/no encryption: No authentication password to connect/no encryption: (i.e. you can turn it off if you want).

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