Connect2Car launches Apple Watch App

Houston, Texas – United States – Sept 22, 2015 – Connect2Car announces the Apple Watch application, which allows users to remotely find, start, and manage other critical safety aspects of their car.

“A vehicle key fob is a good candidate of what can be replaced with a wearable technology such as the Apple Watch as a digital key fob because the apple watch will save you the hassle of reaching out for your keys or phone to unlock the door.

Though there are some new factory vehicles, especially new electric cars integrating with the Apple watch, there is really no alternative option for someone with an existing vehicle to watch enable their ride,” according to John Alo, the product manager.

Connect2Car provides the functionality of a traditional key fob and more through the Apple Watch interface with any of the Connect2Caraftermarket units, which start at $139 + installation. Drivers can now start their car and lock/unlock doors right from their wrist. Other features include a car finder so users can find where the car is parked, real-time car situational status that includes speed limit alerts to avoid speeding, driver history, and car cross alert to be notified if a car crosses a preset boundary. Additionally, you get car security control, and vehicle notifications if the driver’s car is being tampered with right from your wrist. The Connect2Car system has unlimited range because it uses cellular connectivity to communicate with your phone.

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