FAQs for Text Control

What is Text Control?

Text Control is a simple and secure way to control your vehicle from anywhere via text messages.

How does Text Control work?

Text Control works in three simple steps.
  1. Pick up your preferred Anywhere product and install it with any of our professional installers in your area.
  2. Register your phone number online on your Anywhere account. You can register up to 5 different numbers.
  3. Text a command to your car, and you will get a confirmation text back from your car. See our list of commands.

What number do I text to control my vehicle?

The number is assigned to you after you activate your unit.

I am not sure if Text Control would work for my vehicle

Text Control is compatible with all vehicles, all years, makes and models, as long as they have a Connect2Car Anywhere Product installed in them.

Can I use Text Control with my phone?

Yes you can! Text Control is compatible with all phones on all network carriers. See your service carrier for SMS/Message rates

How do I know if my vehicle received the command?

All Commands sent by Text Control will get a confirmation text for that command, plus an address showing the location where the command was executed.

I have multiple vehicles on my Anywhere Account. How do I know which one I’m controlling?

For a command to work, you must text the command plus the name of the vehicle on your account that you would like to control. Check your Anywhere Account for the names of vehicles you can text to. For example: Send “STOP HONDA” Your selected vehicle will send you back a confirmation, plus the location where the command was executed.

Can someone else send text commands from their phone to control my vehicle?

Yes! But only registered numbers. Having an Anywhere Account allows you to register up to five numbers. Text commands can be sent from any of these numbers to control your vehicle(s).

Do I need an Internet or MMS plan on my phone to use Text Control?

Text Control uses only text. No MMS or Internet plan is required. See your service carrier for SMS/Message rates.

I am leaving my vehicle and going out of state, can I still use Text Control to check on my vehicle?

Yes you can! With Text Control, you can control your vehicle from anywhere in the world, as long as the phone number you are using is registered on your Anywhere Account.

I changed my phone number. Does that mean that I would no longer be able to use Text Control to control my vehicle?

No. Changing or canceling your registered number is not a problem. Simply log in to your Anywhere Account, delete the old number and add the  new number(s) you would like to use to control your vehicle.

Would Text Control work if I am using the Anywhere Software Application?

Yes, Text Control would work. Text Control and the Anywhere Software Application work independently. However, you would also see command responses from Text Control in the Anywhere Application.

What if I forget which commands to send to control my vehicle?

No stress! Just remember the command “menu“. You can text “menu” at anytime to get a complete list of text commands.