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  • Connect2Car Anywhere G2 Unit
  • Combined Quad Band GSM and GPS Antenna
  • Quick Start Guide
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Physical characteristics
Dimensions: 4″L x 3″W x 1″H (105mm x 78mm x 24mm) Weight: approx. 5 oz (140g)
Power supply
Supply voltage from +10.8 V to +32.0 V (absolute maximum ratings) suitable for direct connection to an automotive +12V or +24V DC supply.Current: 80 – 100mA when internal Battery is fully charged. 250mA when internal battery is charging.
Internal backup battery

Backup Battery: Li-ion 1000mAh, 3.7V

The internal battery is only used when the vehicle battery drops below 8Volts, or is disconnected. This is usually the case during a car theft where vehicle batteries are usually disconnected by vandals to disable security systems

Internal Battery stops charging when ever the vehicle Ignition is turned off (to minimize drain on the main battery), and automatically resumes charging (if needed) when the ignition turns back on.
Environmental temperature requirements
Operating: -22°F to +176°F(-30°C to +80°C)
Motion sensor
3-axis motion sensor
Cellular wireless compatibility
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. AT&T wireless for Connect2Car USA customers.
GPS core

GPS Chipset: MTK All-In-One GPS receiver sensitive, fast and accurate.

Sensitivity: Autonomous: -146dBm, Hot start: -160dBm, Tracking: -160dBm.

Position Accuracy: Autonomous: < 3m, SBAS : 2.5m.

TTFF (Open Sky): Cold start 35s average, Warm start <35s, Hot start <1s.

GSM, GPS and power.