How it works

Siri can control your car using Connect2Car TXT Control.

  • You tell Siri to send a TEXT Command to your car (your Connect2Car phone number is stored in your address book as a contact). e.g Siri send text to FamilyCar, Start car.
  • Then you receive a confirmation text of the command showing the street address where the command was executed. e.g Connect2Car Start Command confirmed for FamilyCar, Last location: 2085 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10029, US.
  • The confirmation message received can also be read out by Siri. (e.g SIRI, read my messages).

* See Text Control for the list of available commands.

Using Siri: What you’ll need

  • An Activated Anywhere unit installed in your vehicle.
  • An Iphone 4S, with SIRI turned on.

How to authorize your iPhone 4S

  1. Once your Anywhere Unit is activated, you will need to log on to your online Connect2Car account and add your Iphone4S’s phone number as an authorized number in the Manage Vehicles tab.
  2. After adding your number, you’ll receive a confirmation text to your phone from Connect2Car TXT Control.
  3. Save the number of Connect2Car TXT Control as a contact in your address book. The name of the Contact can be anything you wish to call your car when speaking with Siri.
  4. You can now ask Siri to send commands to the car.


start vehicle Say “SIRI text ‘Start’ to [car name]”
stop vehicle Say “SIRI text ‘Stop’ to [car name]”
locate vehicle Say “SIRI text ‘Where is your location’ to [car name]”
lock doors Say “SIRI text ‘Lock’ to [car name]”
unlock doors Say “SIRI text ‘unlock’ to [car name]”

* For multiple cars on the account, you need to add the car name after the command. e.g to Start a car called DadsCar in your Connect2Car account, Say “SIRI text ‘Start DadsCar’ to [car name on Iphone]“

* See Text Control for full list of commands


FAQs about SIRI Integration

Will I need to buy and install a Connect2car unit to use the SIRI interface?

Yes, you will need to buy, install and activate an anywhere G1 or G2 before you can use SIRI to control your vehicle.

Will the SIRI control interface work with the Iphone 4 or other phones?

The SIRI control interface only works with an iphone4S now, since iphone 4S is the official Siri enabled phone from apple. However, other phones with a voice command system that can send text messages can send the text command using Connect2Car Text Control format.

What commands can I send with SIRI?

Users can send the following commands using their SIRI voice control:
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Lock doors
  • Unlock doors
  • Find/Locate
  • Roll Windows up
  • Roll Windows down
  • Arm
  • Disarm
  • Shutdown
*Users can also perform other commands that can be done via Text on the SIRI interface. But for simplicity , these are the basic ones that can be sent with SIRI. You can see a full list of commands here.

What number do I send my SIRI commands to?

When you register your phone on your online account. A Connect2Car Text Server number replies you back with a confirmation. This is the number you should save as your car in your address book. (Example: If you named your vehicle “Eywa”, the number should be saved as “Eywa”. *It is important to choose a name that’s easy for SIRI to recognize. This way, its easier to do the voice control. The saved number is the number you will be sending your SIRI commands to. (Example: “SIRI send text to Eywa, Start”).

What name should I call my car?

Choose a name that would be easy for SIRI to recognize. Because SIRI picks your vehicle’s name from your contact list, it is important to go for names that SIRI shouldn’t have a problem identifying from your address book or names that SIRI may confuse as part of the command you intend to send.

Is there a fee to use SIRI to control my vehicle?

No there is no additional fee from Connect2Car to use Siri to , besides your standard cell phone carrier charges. Your Anywhere unit also uses a service plan upon activation.