Technical Specs

In the box
  • MFC unit
  • Vehicle wiring harness
  • Bluetooth antena
  • Power and bluetooth LEDs
  • Installation and user manual
Physical characteristics
Dimensions (L x W x H): 5×3.75x1inch (127 x 95.25 x 25.4 mm) Weight: approx. 8ounces (3,628 g )
Power supply
Supply voltage from +10.8 V to +32.0 V (absolute maximum ratings) suitable for direct connection to an automotive +12V or +24V DC supply.Current: 80 – 100mA when internal Battery is fully charged. 250mA when internal battery is charging.
  • 8 +/- programmable accessory outputs
  • A tachometer input
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • Serial Interface
  • A USB charger port, for mobile phone or PDA devices with USB charging cable
  • Status/Indicator LEDs showing power, active serial or Bluetooth Data status