MFC Bluetooth

What is the MFC?

A system that provides multi-purpose solutions for real-time control and management of vehicle functions and accessories from a smart device, such as: keyless entry, engine cutoff, car alarm, window roll up/down, remote start, engine diagnostics and custom features. Want to learn more? Read frequently asked questions about the MFC

Get Started with the MFC in 6 easy steps

STEP 1: Use an approved device

You must have a compatible smart device to control the MFC. For a list of devices please click here.

STEP 2: Download and install the FREE SOFTDASH Software

Download and install Softdash. There is also a simulation mode that lets you try out recipes and see how the MFC works, even if you do not have the actual unit.

STEP 3: Buy the MFC module

In order to interface with your vehicle, you must purchase the MFC. You can also purchase our the basic MFC-CAR PC (wired via serial connection only, but upgradeable with the wireless Bluetooth Antenna). Wired and wireless versions are also available in our online store which you can visit for package listings and prices.

STEP 4: Hook it up

The MFC is easy to install, like any car alarm unit. Contact your local auto security and sound or custom install shop for installation or call us.

STEP 5: Load a preset recipe and Button Configuration

After installation, enter Softdash Setting menu on your device. Select Configuration option and choose either factory setting or customize. To view the proper configuration to your device, click here Click here for the SoftDash User manual, or here for the Installation Manual | Click here for the setups.


Fire up SoftDash on your phone, and connect to your car. Experience a true direct interaction with your vehicle through your phone.