Anywhere Blackberry Application


  The Connect2Car Anywhere Software Application allows you to control your vehicle via your mobile phone. The App turns your BlackBerry® into a high tech car remote. All your vehicle controls at your fingertips from Anywhere.

App Screenshots

Feature Summary

  • Works on all Blackberry phones.
  • Track your vehicle. Get your vehicle GPS location, speed, history, and more.
  • Control your vehicle. Start/stop/unlock e.t.c.
  • Secure your vehicle. Get security alerts on your blackberry home screen and within the app.
  • Works with Internet data or SMS text on your phone.
  • Carfinder leads you to where your vehicle is.
  • Manage and view real time GPS location of multiple vehicles on the Carfinder screen.

Control Features

  • Start your car from your phone (warm up your car in the cold, or cool down your car in the hot weather).
  • Lock/Unlock your doors.
  • Shutdown your car in the event of theft, or to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Roll the Windows Down/Up.

Vehicle Location Features

  • GPS Track the real time location of your vehicle Anywhere.
  • Car Finder Parking Lot mode helps lead you to your parked car.
  • Car Finder Driving mode, gives you driving directions to your vehicle.

Security Features

  • Alarm and security alerts get displayed on your HomeScreen, with custom sound notifications for all your alerts.
  • Low Battery Alerts.
  • Geofence notifications (lets you know when your vehicle enters or leaves a set perimeter)
  • Overspeed Alerts.
  • Towing Alerts (lets you know when your vehicle is towed from its parked location).
  • Bump Alerts (lets you know when someone bumps into your parked car).

Extra Features

  • Manage multiple vehicles
  • Widescreen view for BlackBerry® Storm™ and BlackBerry® Torch™.
  • Send commands via internet data or SMS.
  • Set custom sound and vibration notifications for command confirmations and Alerts.


  This application controls DEMO cars that are setup around the US. To control your own car, you will require a Connect2Car Anywhere Unit installed in your vehicle. This software communicates with your vehicle via the Data or SMS connection on your phone.