Enhance Safety. Boost Efficiency.

With Connect2Car Anywhere System, each vehicle’s location and status is always known. Driving behavior and vehicle performance are monitored and documented the entire route. Driving performance and passenger safety go hand in hand. Connect2Car Anywhere lets you deliver both while improving efficiency and reducing costs.
Increased Productivity
  • Complete more routes in a day
  • Reduced vehicle down time
  • Eliminate unnecessary calls to drivers’ cell phones
Reduced Overtime
  • Eliminate false timesheet claims
  • Minimize unnecessary overtime hours
  • Improve efficiencies
Lower Fuel Costs
  • Improve routing
  • Eliminate unnecessary vehicle idling
  • Reduce vehicle mileage
Accurate Job Costing
  • Precise records of time spent on job site
  • Improve future bidding accuracy
  • Increase profits
Reduced Private Use
  • Monitor vehicle 24/7
  • Eliminate moonlighting
  • Reduce private mileage
Get started right away simply contact our sales representatives to help you setup Connect2Car Anywhere for your business solution. Discounts available for multiple unit purchases.