Small Business

Maybe you’re worried about fuel costs or inaccurate time sheets or wondering why productivity is low or nothing is getting done. Or perhaps you suspect your company fleet vehicles are being used for side jobs or weekend getaways?. Whatever your reason, your time micro managing takes away from the bigger business goals and milestones. The Anywhere system allows you to take full control without the management overload.
  • Use our alerts feature to instantly flag movement of your vehicles outside working hours.
  • Easily detect and confirm stops made with our daily reports.
  • View job trip history using our history trail tracking feature with up to 1 year of history logs.
  • Automatic Check in and Check out: Use our Geofence feature for automatic checking in and checking out at office and work locations.
  • Over speed Alert: Helps you monitor careless and abusive drivers of your vehicle assets.
  • Vehicle shutdown feature: Can enable and disable the vehicle for use to specific working hours. e.g You can make sure the vehicles cannot be started after business hours.
  • Entry/exit sensors: Do you want to monitor when ever a certain compartment of your truck is opened or closed? or get alerts when it is opened or closed? The Anywhere system can monitor when a compartment opens or closes, e.g your container, truck door, tool closet, mobile stock container. e.t.c.
Get started right away simply contact our sales representatives to help you setup Connect2Car Anywhere for your business solution. Discounts available for multiple unit purchases.