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The Anywhere Software Application allows you to control your vehicle via your mobile phone. This requires you to have a Connect2Car Anywhere Unit installed in your vehicle. This software communicates with your vehicle via the Data or SMS connection on your phone.

Using the Anywhere Software Application, you can send commands to your vehicle and also check the status of pending commands from the vehicle.


  • Empowers your cell phone to control your vehicle from anywhere in the world.
  • Door lock/unlock from anywhere.
  • Remote Engine Start/Stop.
  • Engine Disable/Enable.
  • Works with any java enabled phone.

App Screenshots

Installation Instructions

wap download This is the fastest method of installing the software. Point your phones browser to www.connect2car.com/mobile and follow the DOWNLOAD ANYWHERE link from there. Installation will automatically start on a java enabled phone.

PC download Transfer the jar/jad files from the download link onto your phone and run any one of them. The most starndard method is to transfer it via bluetooth to your phone, or via the data cable(if applicable to your phone). Also you can transfer it via infrared if applicable.

For how to install java software onto your phone, please see your personal phone manual.

For specific phone installations, also see the related links section below.

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